AA San Francisco Visiting School

11 to 22 July 2011

2010 Latest Workshop Schedule and Event Map

The latest Biodynamic Structures workshop schedule and event map has just been released!
[Schedule_v6] [Event Map]

2010 Featured Article about the AA/CCA Workshop


2010 – Brett Steele added as Workshop Lecturer

We are happy to announce that Brett Steele, Director of the AA School, will be joining us as a lecturer and for the closing event during the Biodynamic Structures workshop.

2010 Workshop is Full!

The workshop has reached capacity and can no longer accept applications. Thanks to all that have signed up and we look forward to a productive session in July!

2010 Now Live: Facebook Group / Twitter Feeds

We have established a Biodynamic Structures Facebook Group Page and a Twitter Feed (bioworkshopsf) to keep workshop participants informed on the latest news, events and updates.

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2010 New Version of Grasshopper and Rhino 5 Released

A few days ago McNeel has released a new version of the Rhino 5 beta (although I’m not sure how much longer they can call it a beta when they state that it is now MORE stable than Rhino 4). The new version includes some great new features involving the implementation of python as a new scripting language for Rhino. Check out the new python scripting subdomain on Rhino’s site..

In addition, today David Rutten released a new version of Grasshopper (either called 0.7 or 1.0 WIP). This is a major release for grasshopper so many things have changed. Specifically, custom scripts will probably have to be reworked as the underlying connection to RhinoCommon commands has changed.

2010 New Version of Firefly…

Workshop instructors Andy Payne and Jason Kelly Johnson are hard at work developing the next version of Firefly, a new Grasshopper toolbar that will streamline communication between GH, the Internet and the Arduino board. A series of new custom components within Firefly will allow two-way communication between physical interactive models and parametric digital models created in Grasshopper. This new toolbar will be released exclusively during the AA/CCA BioDynamic Structures Global Workshop.

2010 – Daniel Piker joins Associated Faculty

Daniel Piker, creator of the innovative physics simulation plugin Kangaroo for Rhino and Grasshopper, will be joining the Biodynamic Structures workshop as an instructor. Over the last year Daniel has been impressing the Grasshopper community with his videos demonstrating the capabilities of his plugin to simulate numerous physical properties such as gravity, spring systems, and tension/compression. We are very pleased Daniel will be able to join us.

Kangaroo – Funicular Structure from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.